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Pack check-in: skipped.

Please support your local running store!

Shoes I am wearing today: Hoka One One, Bondi style--the new red pair for break-in.

Gear review: today i started running, so I do a summary of what I am wearing, starting at my toes and going upwards. I will do indivdual episodes on each aspect of the gear--today is just a summary.

Apps: Zombies, Run!, Map My Walk, Runtastic, Charity Miles, Ease into 10K (Bluefin Software)--all on iOS, available on Android.

Watch: Pebble Classic, soon to be unavailable. Saving for Apple watch, but highly recommend most Android watches.

Sources: My Local Running Store, Big-Box sporting goods store (Dicks Sporting Goods for me), yes.fit, roadrunnersports.com, Apple Store, RoadID, Bondi Bands


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