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Pack check-in: Doing your logs for shoes and exercise.

Apps I use to log: My Fitness Pal (IOS or Android) for calories and weight planning, Fitbit (IOS or Android)for tracking steps and heart rate. Shoe log also is described. Charity Miles app for using your mileage to use corporations to make donations to your favorite charities. Map My Walk (IOS or Android) for tracking walks and keeping maps of your route. Runtastic (IOS or Android) or Runkeeper (IOS or Android) for mapping runs and distance.

All of these are FREE, but you can buy premium memberships annually. 

Logs: simply writing your exercise on your paper calendar is perfectly good!

Why we log and different ways to log.

Please support your local running store!

Shoes I am wearing today: Hoka One One, Bondi style.


RD4: Shoes in General

Brief introduction to Blankets and Eleanor.

Pack check-in: Doing your logs for shoes and exercise.

Getting your first shoes for running, walking, spinning on a bike, hiking.

Selecting a running specialty store.

About dedicated walking/running/exercise shoes.

Respect walking as valid exercise.

Discussing trail running shoes, hiking shoes.

Inserts and rolling your feet in brief.

Shoe source I like: www.roadrunnersports.com

Shoes I am wearing today: Hoka One One, Bondi style. My spinning shoes: Shimano


1. A bit on keeping an exercise journal

2. Selecting shoes:

  • First pair comes from a specialty running-only store
  • After that, you can buy your brand online. My preferred online vendor is Roadrunner Sports. I am not being supported by Roadrunner in any way, BTW, but I've been a loyal customer and VIP for years with them. Shoe Dog is here.
  • Shoes for Spinning on a bike can come from Amazon.com-do some research there.
  • Do NOT buy running shoes from a chain or "Big Box" sporting goods stores unless you have first been fitted at a specialized running store.

3. Of pronation.

4. Logging your shoes

5. Please support your local running store!

My shoes today: Hoka One One Bondi.



Shownotes: http://runningdog.podbean.com/

Starting slow: Begin any running program by walking 30 minutes per day for 30 days straight.

This teaches you:

  • What to wear
  • What shoes you need
  • Where to exercise
  • When you can make the time
  • What it feels like to be out there for 30 minutes

RD1: Starting Safely

How to start running:

1. Consult with your physician about how much you can exercise and how.

2. Commit to walking every day for 30 days for 30 minutes each time.

3. Use step 2 to work out the bugs in how, where, and when you will exercise and what clothing you will need.

Remember: Stay safe and stay hydrated!