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Pack check-in: Doing your logs for shoes and exercise.

Headset=How I think about exercise--especially as I do exercise.

Examining our preparations for exercise, our clothing, and how we keep our minds busy as we work out.

Reframing: when something does not work, we change our plan consciously. We do NOT tell ourselves how it's just not working and give up!

Strategy: Schedule your workouts, based on what you learn in your month of walking

Strategy: Lay out all your gear the night before

Strategy: freeze your water bottle or refrigerate it the night before.

Strategy: For morning exercise: place your gear where you step on it as you get out of bed.

Headcannons--why we succeed or fail. Taking over your thoughts.

Bad day does NOT equal failure. Bad day equals learning for next time!

Please support your local running store!

Shoes I am wearing today: Hoka One One, Bondi style.

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